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For TKB life and music were closely interrelated. For him music was the soul of life and he always felt that life devoid of music, will be simply bereft of rhythm and harmony. He loved melodies and ensured that all his film did have few melodious songs. His passion for melodies has been very great and he always felt that had there been no music and compassion in this world, life would have been harsh, dull and devoid of feelings. There have been innumerable songs and tracks that have touched the heart and souls of the music lovers. Be it young or the old, no one can deny that one is soothed and mellowed by the melodious music.

There have been many artists and singers who have given some of the most melodious and heart felt songs that are full of intimidating words and emotions. People have admired these songs whole heartedly and they have become the ultimate expression of love and affection in life. These songs are sung by singers who have mellifluous voices that reach the souls. You can not stop loving and admiring these songs which seem like divine creations. An unimaginable bliss surrounds you when you listen to these invigorating songs and enthrall in joy.